Nex.Life review: 7 things you should know

Nex.Life review: 7 things you should know 1

Nex.Life offers unlimited home internet and mobile 4G/LTE for RM100 (limited offer) RM110 per month. Both plans come in one package, which means you’re going to pay for both plan in a single bill.

Nex.Life is another plan powered by Webe digital Sdn Bhd, a company under Telekom Malaysia Berhad. In another words, is a combination of webe mobile and webe broadband.

Let’s take a look at the list of 7 things that I put together which I think you should know about Nex.Life package plan prior making any decision.


7 things about Nex.Life you should know

Here’s the list of 7 things you should know about plan.

1. Package plan comes with unlimited internet for home and unlimited 4G/LTE for mobile. When they said 4G/LTE, they mean 4G/LTE. The unlimited mobile internet data is only for 4G/LTE connection. If you’re not in a 4G/LTE area, you only have 500MB monthly data quota for 3G which is allocated for free.

2. Contract comes with a 12-month contract. Any termination within the 12-month period, you’ll be imposed with a penalty for a remaining months on top of any outstanding payment.

3. Internet speed

According to FAQs, their home internet download speed is capped at 20Mbps. But there is nowhere mentioned about the mobile internet speed. If the mobile internet is same as webe (unifi mobile), then you will get around 25Mbps.

4. Wifi router

There is no Wifi router provided. Once you subscribe to package, you’re expected to purchase your own Wifi router. However, did recommend a list of router model and the dealer location. You can find the list in .pdf file here.

5. Voice call for home internet home internet comes without voice feature. This means you only get the data service and can’t use it to make a voice call.

6. Call and SMS charges for mobile plan

All domestic calls and SMS on your mobile plan will be charged based on usage. Rate as below: (Price is excluding of SST)

  • Voice calls: RM0.20 / 60 seconds
  • SMS: RM0.15 / SMS

Additional charges are applicable to these calls and SMSes:

  • Calls to 1300 / 1700 / 1600 / 1MOCC numbers
  • Calls to Special Number
  • International Calls (IDD) and SMS from Malaysia
  • Voice calls & SMS roaming outside Malaysia

However, mobile service does comes with the following basic features:

  • Call hold
  • Call waiting
  • Missed call notification

7. Hotspot pass

Just like webe (unifi mobile) hotspot, you need to buy a hotspot pass. The price are per the following: (Price is excluding of SST)

  • RM15 / 2GB (1GB 4G/LTE & 1GB 3G)
  • RM30 / 4GB (2GB 4G/LTE & 2GB 3G)

Data hotspot/tethering Pass is valid for 30 days from date of purchase.

Final verdict

Honestly, plan is a little bit expensive. There are lots of provider who offers better package. Personally, I’m not interested. is just another new comer who will improve over the time. Rule of thumbs, stick to the one you already familiar with.

Need more information? You can visit website and see their FAQs section here. If you plan to subscribe, check their coverage here.

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