How to fix Streamyx slow torrent or P2P download

TM Streamyx
TM Streamyx

Learn how to fix TM Streamyx slow torrent or P2P download. In this post, you will learn how to bypass TM throttle or speed cap on P2P download by using a VPN — Virtual Private Network to hide your Streamyx connection.


As far as I’m concern, TM has implemented throttle on P2P download which includes torrent download. If you are experiencing slow torrent or P2P download, read on, this is the most and effective way of bypassing TM Streamyx throttle issue.

Here is a simple and easy method to bypass Streamyx torrent or P2P throttle to allow full download speed. As I mentioned above, you will be using a Virtual Private Network connection to bypass the throttle and the example for this method will be using free software and apps.

See also how to port forward for Unifi.


How to fix Streamyx slow torrent or P2P download

You can fix the slow torrent download by using a Virtual Private Network or so-called VPN. The VPN acts as your private network and allows you to connect to any site. The Internet Service Provider (ISP), in this case, TM, will not be able to detect where the connection is coming in, thus, they will not be able to cap or throttle the connection speed.

The other option is to use port forwarding. This is basically for advanced users.

1. Fix slow torrent on Streamyx with VPN

Personally, I use Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree on my Windows PC and Betternet Turbo VPN on my Android smartphone to bypass this restriction. Every time I download the (legal) torrent, the first thing to do is to open the application and connect to the server. When it is connected, run the torrent client and start downloading at full speed.

There are hundreds of free and paid VPN services out there. You can download and test them out to see which one suits your needs the most. Also, there are VPN services that claim to allow downloading through the torrent application but most of them keep log files that can trace your information.

Please be careful of which VPN service you use and what torrent file you download. I do not endorse or support any illegal torrent download activities in any way.

2. Fix slow torrent on Streamyx with port forwarding

Port forwarding is a method to redirect a port in your modem or router to specific apps, in this case, it will be your torrent apps. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to provide an article on how to port forward for Streamyx, but I do have the tutorial for Unifi, you can read my article about how to port forward Unifi here.

Usually, with port forwarding, you’ll get the maximum speed of your line, depending on your speed capability.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.


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