How to fix Candy Crush can’t connect to Facebook

How to fix Candy Crush can't connect to Facebook 1
Candy Crush can’t connect to Facebook / King

Learn how to fix Candy Crush can’t connect to Facebook. If you are having problem connecting Candy Crush apps on your mobile with your Facebook account, there are few possible causes, they can be either your King or Facebook account or the apps itself having the issue. In this post, I will list down few possible fixes to the problem.


When you try connecting Candy Crush apps with your Facebook account, some of the common error messages you will see are as following: If you find other devices also having the same issue, it might not related to your end — maybe related to the server. Please confirm with at least two devices before proceed with the solutions below.

  • Sorry, you don’t have access to the Kingdom right now. Please try connecting again later.
  • Failed to connect to Facebook.
  • Oops, no internet connection.
  • Oops, something went wrong.

If you see any of the above error while trying to connect Candy Crush with your Facebook account, below tips might be able to help you. I was once, see some of the error and tips #3 below help me solve the problem. Let’s see which one work for you. Continue reading some of the possible solutions for your problem below.


Fix Candy Crush can’t connect to Facebook

I have seen a lot of people reported that they were able to solve the problem, some might say the uninstall and re-install back Candy Crush or Facebook apps. I would say this is not an efficient way to handle the issue. Below is the list of recommended steps of what you should do:

1. Update Candy Crush and Facebook apps

The most common solution is to update your Candy Crush and Facebook apps to the latest version. Go to the Google Play store or Apple Store and update both apps. Sometimes, it will take few minutes to hours to resolve the issue automatically. Still can’t connect to Facebook? Continue below.

2. Unblock the app in Facebook

Check whether Candy Crush is under the blocked apps. On your mobile, open Facebook app, go to the “Setting” –> “Blocking”, see if there is any apps been blocked. If there is no Candy Crush apps, try blocking the apps and unblock them. Then try re-connect Candy Crush with Facebook again. Still can’t connect? Continue below.

3. Change your password for King account

If you happen to notice that your problem arise after changing the password. Then try changing the password again and re-connect to Facebook. Open Candy Crush, go to your account and click “Forgot password”, key-in your new password and click “Connect” to Facebook. This method works for me.

You should be able to connect Candy Crush with your Facebook account by now. If the issue still persist, let me know in the comment below and we will re-visit any other possible causes and solutions.


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