20 useful Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcut keys

20 useful Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcut keys 1
Microsoft Excel shortcut keys

Here are 20 useful Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcut keys to speed up your work. Regardless of which Microsoft Excel version you have, these shortcut keys work flawlessly in all of them.


Basically, you’ll be looking at general keyboard shortcut keys in Excel for manipulating a workbook. How to open, save, close, switch between open workbooks and some other functions.

See also how to copy a list of file names and paste as text in Excel.


20 useful Excel keyboard shortcut keys

Ctrl+TabSwitch between an open workbook
Ctrl+0Hides the current column
Ctrl+9Hides the current row
Ctrl+F6Switches between open workbooks
Ctrl+NCreate new workbook
Ctrl+OOpen an existing workbook
Ctrl+SSave a workbook
F12Open the Save as dialog book
Shift+F11Insert a new worksheet
Ctrl+ZUndo an action
Ctrl+YRedo an action
Ctrl+FSearch in a spreadsheet, or use Find and Replace
Ctrl+F1Show or hide the ribbon
Ctrl+F4Close Excel
F2Edit currently selected cell
Shift+F2Add or edit a cell comment
Ctrl+CCopy the content of a cell
Ctrl+XCut the content of a cell
Ctrl+VPaste the content of a cell
DeleteRemove the content of a cell
Microsoft Excel shortcut keys

Do you have to remember all these shortcut keys? Not necessarily, if you seldom use it, you’ll forget. However, the more you use them, then they will be easier to remember.

If you need a full list of Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcut keys, you can access Help section by pressing F1. You can search for “keyboard shortcut” or any topic you’d like to learn.

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