Scammer alert! Email account termination

Scammer alert! Email account termination 1
Phishing mail / TED

Important announcement! I was looking into my inbox this morning and saw this email. It is clearly a phishing mail to me and would like to heads up to all Barzrul Tech readers who have received the same email. The email may be from someone you might know or don’t know, but the content should be similar to the following. Please do not reply to the email!


Do not reply with your email and password!

The email that I received is from someone using email address. The detailed email read like this:



Please be informed that we are currently terminating all inactive accounts from our database with immediate effect.

To avoid losing your email account and important data, you are kindly advised to reply this email immediately by providing your valid email and correct password to enable us authenticate and migrate your account to the new user interface, so that you can continue to enjoy seamless and uninterrupted email services.

NOTE: Failure to reconfirm your valid email and password immediately by return mail, will lead to termination of your email account and loss of important data as your account will be considered inactive.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused as we are committed to providing you with an amazing internet experience.

Best regards, Email Team

Take note that this is easily identified as phishing email as the sender is requesting for your email account password. This person is clearly trying to take over your email account. If you already responded with your correct password, please quickly reset or change your password.

Just a reminder to everyone, if you receive an email that requires you to provide them with your email password or any of your account passwords, do not reply to the email. Regardless it comes from anyone.

Please let me know in the comment below if anyone of you receives this email.


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