Digi Postpaid 150 INFINITE review

Digi Infinite RM150/month review
Digi Postpaid 150 INFINITE review – image via Digi

A limited-time offer by Digi, with almost everything infinite, this is Digi Postpaid 150 INFINITE plan. As the name suggests, with Postpaid 150 INFINITE, you will get unlimited internet and tethering/hotspot with high-speed data.

Let’s see what are Digi Postpaid 150 INFINITE plan include, other than unlimited internet and tethering?


Digi Postpaid 150 INFINITE

  • Internet – Unlimited
  • Tethering/hotspot – Unlimited
  • Internet sharing – No
  • High-speed data – Yes
  • Voice calls – Unlimited exclude calls to special numbers, calls to toll–free 1–300 numbers and calls to 121 numbers
  • SMS – FREE 1,000 SMS to all networks – subsequent charges – 10 sen / SMS
  • MMS – 20 sen / MMS
  • Roaming – 5GB internet + 60 min calls applicable in Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Note: Digi Postpaid Infinite is not applicable with device contract sign-ups.

The verdict

With an unlimited internet and tethering, this plan can be an easy choice to replace Streamyx/unifi line at your home. However, you need to make sure Digi coverage in your residential area, you can go to Digi 4G LTE Coverage website by visiting http://new.digi.com.my/services/4g-lte-coverage or click this link.

Please take note, the peer to peer downloads is capped at 64kbps. So, if you are a heavy torrent user, this is not for you. I don’t know when this offer is going to end, so if you think that this plan suite your internet, call, and tethering usage, just go and sign-up.

For more frequently asked questions, go to Digi’s page here https://new.digi.com.my/tnc/postpaid-infinite or click this link.

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