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HTTPS via – migrates from HTTP to HTTPS

Guys, just want to let you know that my blog, completed the migration from HTTP to secure HTTP or so called as HTTPS. Since security has been a concern for everyone, so I have taken this step to ensure that I keep you secure when browsing and reading my blog.

As you can see with other sites or blogs which using secure HTTP, there is a green lock symbol at the address bar followed by URL which starts with https. This green lock symbol indicates that your connection to this site is private and secure.

There were a lot of things to take care as I don’t want to miss out anything. I have been working on this migration process since few days back, I was getting advise and help from technical expert at ServerFreak to make sure my blog has a smooth transition from HTTP to secure HTTP.

The main reason I finally decided to migrate from HTTP to secure HTTP is to provide extra security and privacy to you, our readers.

Basically, secure HTTP or HTTPS was developed to allow authorization and secured transaction. This means if you have confidential information exchange at, there will be no unauthorized access to the information.

There are also lots of advantages and good reasons to migrate to secure HTTP from a different point of view. For example, the search engine, Google, loves sites that are trusted and certified and they are currently using HTTPS as one of the ranking signal. They want to make sure to provide their user only trusted sites.

Last but not least, as a blogger myself, here I would like to encourage my fellow friends, blog or website owners to take this step together to secure our online presence. Let’s improve our site for the sake of security and privacy to our readers and visitors.

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